Introducing the EPD REST API

We’re pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of testing the new Easy Plugin Demo REST API.

The new REST API will be available to all customers who have purchased the EPD Premium Pack and is also incorporated in the EPD Remote plugin which is included with your EPD Premium Pack purchase.

Benefits of the REST API

Out of the box, EPD requires you to host a registration form on a multisite instance of WordPress. Your customers visit that form, signup and their demo is ready in a jiffy. Awesome!

But most companies have their demo environment hosted separately from their main website. With the EPD Remote plugin, you can display demo buttons on your main site, but when clicked, customers are redirected to the demo environment registration form. It works great, but it’s not necessarily the best experience for customers. And that’s where the new EPD REST API comes in.

The REST API can be utilised in a number of ways. Firstly, the EPD Remote plugin can utilise the REST API to keep customers on your main site throughout the process of creating their demo environment.

Secondly, it can be used for website owners and developers to generate their own API calls to their demo environment. We’ll cover more on that topic within our support documentation when we release the feature.

EPD Remote and the REST API

EPD Remote can be installed on any website that is not part of your Easy Plugin Demo mutlisite demo environment. It then connects to your demo environment to obtain information regarding the demos you have available, and enables you to display buttons for customers to sign up. Before the introduction of the EPD REST API, when those buttons were clicked, customers were redirected to the website where your demos are hosted to register for their demo.

With the REST API, those buttons now display a registration form on your main website. Customers complete the form, their demo environment is created and a confirmation is displayed – all without any redirections taking place.

It even has support for your integration to MailChimp if you have it enabled and configured within your demo environment.

When will the REST API be Available?

We’ve been working on this for a while and as mentioned at the start of this post, we’re currently in the final stages of testing. We expect to make this feature available by the end of November at the latest – hopefully much sooner.

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