Easy Plugin Demo Plugin Released

As a plugin author who provides premium extensions for the free plugins I have available on WordPress.org, I am often contacted by potential customers asking if a demo or trial of my extensions are available. I took the decision from the outset not to provide trial versions, but I wanted people to be able to see the benefits of my premium extensions. To me, it’s another opportunity to sell the product. When the customer sees it in action, they realise the benefit and generally complete their purchase.

I struggled to find a solution that would enable potential customers to demo my WordPress plugins, so I wrote Easy Plugin Demo!

What is Easy Plugin Demo?

Easy Plugin Demo (EPD) is a plugin written for WordPress multi site’s. Once installed, a registration page can be displayed anywhere on the site allowing customers to sign up for a demo of your products. Once they complete the registration form, EPD will create a new WordPress site for the customer in a sandbox environment. The customer can edit any pages, posts, add and remove content, and users, and treat the site as their very own playground. Once their site has expired, it is deleted along with all content and any users.

For plugin and theme developers (or anyone wishing to showcase their products), you can fully customise EPD to create sites as you need to. You can choose which plugins and/or themes to install, ensure content is created with the demo site and much more.

Who Should Use EPD?

I created EPD to showcase plugins, but it can be used to demonstrate themes also. You can even use it to show of any other WordPress type content you wish to.

Is there a Premium Extension?

Yes there is! EPD includes enough features to showcase a single product. Our Premium Pack extends the functionality of EPD even further with a host of useful features that allow you to create multiple demo templates, each with their own configuration, clone existing sites and their content, integrate with MailChimp, add up sell notices and much more.

Where can I Download EPD?

You can download your free copy of Easy Plugin Demo from the WordPress.org plugin repository and get started in minutes.

If you’d like the Premium Pack, you can purchase that from our plugin store right here on https://easy-plugin-demo.com. Use code 15OFFNOW for a 15% discount during checkout.

Can I Demo Easy Plugin Demo?

We’ve created a few demos to show how quickly Easy Plugin Demo can create various types of demo sites. Check out the demos we’ve created here.

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