EPD Premium Pack

The Premium Pack for Easy Plugin Demo significantly increases the number of features available allowing you to fully automate the configuration of demo sites being created.

The core Easy Plugin Demo plugin is great at provisioning sites for your potential customers to test out your plugins or themes, but it’s features are a little limited reducing your ability to really showcase your products and increase your sales.

Premium Pack takes those restrictions away and allows automatic provisioning of a fully configured WordPress site, content and all. You can seamless integrate your live website with a separate sandbox environment.

Premium Pack Features

Demo Templates

EPD Premium Pack creates a new “Demo” post type where you can create full profiles for your products, each with fully customisable settings. Those posts are then visible on your website for customers to review and seamlessly launch their demo.

Also included with the Premium Pack is our EPD Remote plugin. EPD Remote can be installed on a separate website (your store). It then uses the WordPress REST API to connect to your multisite demo environment. When editing your Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce product you can easily add a demo button to the product page.

Site Cloning

Using the cloning functionality, you can configure an existing site exactly how you want all new demo sites to be configured, and then select that site to act as the clone master. This means that any new site that is registered, will be an exact clone with all posts, pages, settings etc. being identical – with the exception of individual site settings such as the URL.

You can also;

  • Choose which database tables, including custom ones, you wish to clone as part of the cloning process
  • Have the new site replicate the clone master plugins, or activate additional ones
  • Have the new site replicate the clone master theme, or activate an additional one
  • Choose to ignore specific rows from the options database table during cloning

If you prefer not to clone from an existing site, the Premium Pack also extends other functionality from the core plugin such as;


  • Duplicate as many posts as you wish (core plugin limit is 3)
  • Duplicate any post type (core plugin allows only posts and pages)
  • Include media attachments during post duplication
  • Include taxonomies and terms during post duplication
  • Include comments during post duplication
  • Define the author for duplicated posts


The EPD Premium Pack allows you to select any additional users to add to newly registered sites, as well as their role on the new site.

Zapier Integration

Integrate Easy Plugin Demo with over a thousand third party web applications in a fully automated way. Generate triggers when events occur within EPD to execute actions in third party applications, and create actions that occur within EPD when a third party application triggers a Zapier event.

MailChimp Integration

Connect Easy Plugin Demo to your MailChimp list so your users can subscribe whilst registering for their demo.


Configure notices to be displayed at specified time frames after a demo site has been provisioned. Use notices to display product information, or to upsell your product(s).

Compare the features of Easy Plugin Demo free versus the EPD Premium Pack

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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